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Services We Offer

DSG is striving to become the most complete facility services company in California. Our services are always expanding to meet the needs of our curstomers.


Window Tinting

For more than 25 years, the DSG team has been providing window film installations throughout the United States and Mexico.  Our team specializes in commercial installations for private and government facilities.  We have developed specialty films for our customers who are looking for special designs, aesthetics, performance, and/or to solve a special need.  Recent projects include, hotels, government facilities, sports arenas, and airport projects.


Janitorial Services

DSG‘s goal is to provide cost-effective facility maintenance solutions that transform issues into a competitive advantage. Building owners and property managers have made significant investments in their physical assets-their buildings, plants and campuses. Those assets need to be properly maintained to operate efficiently. A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe, productive and healthy environment while creating lasting value.


Supermarket Efficiency

Saving energy in the supermarket industry has become an industry of its own.  Many companies are offering products that reduce the consumption of refrigeration units, just as DSG does.  The difference is that DSG also offers preventative maintenance services on refrigeration units that will further save energy.  Most refrigeration companies will forget or simply neglect the small parts that can cause massive energy losses if not maintained.  It is these small niche parts that we concentrate on and specialize in maintaining for our customers.  Our current client list is composed of the worlds largest retailers.  These retailers rely on DSG to make their refrigeration units run smoothly.

Team DSG’s Code of Ethics

There are thousands of service providers who offer the same services as DSG, so why should I rely on the DSG Team to work on my building(s)?

It is true, there are many companies who will offer many of the same services that we offer, however, few companies can compare to DSG’s commitment to customer satisfaction.  In a world of like companies it is our goal to stand apart from the competition by providing the best customer service, and quality workmanship, while offering the most competitive pricing.

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